Quite simply the hardest floors in the world.


Twice the density and strength of almost any other flooring in the world, our Fossilized™ HD wide plank flooring undergoes a proprietary manufacturing process that has scored over 5000+lbs. on the Janka hardness test. The effect of this process enhances both the color and grain contrast throughout the floor planks which makes for a more vibrant life like floor and emphasizes the natural beauty of the bamboo fibers. Cali Bamboo® Fossilized™ HD Wide Plank Flooring is designed to float over any surface including concrete and radiant heat systems. Each plank is 30-60% wider and over 6 feet long, creating a cleaner and more modern look than traditional size bamboo flooring. Fewer planks mean less work: since Cali Bamboo® Wide Plank Floors require less boards and are installed with the floating method, they take 1/3 the time to install.
  • Highest Janka Rating Period
  • Ideal for high traffic areas
  • Installs over any subfloor in 1/3 of the time
  • Wider, longer planks give a more modern look
  • Industry leading 10 coat scratch resistant finish